121 Mentoring

The mentoring scheme has proven to be a huge success over the past few years. Young people have the choice to decide who they want to have a 121 with, what they want to discuss and which activity they want to do whilst having that discussion! It may be that they just want a safe and confidential space to have a chat – and that’s fine.

Many young people use this space to work through issue which may be affecting them at home, in school or with friends and family. Our experienced team of youth workers provide a listening ear and can sign post young people to other organizations if necessary. On the other hand, young people may want to use the time to get help with their homework, learn to play a musical instrument or experiment with making Mocktails.

Through the mentor scheme we help young people with their personal development in many different aspects of their lives. The sessions have proven to be so popular young people want more time in the week to access this scheme.