Partner organisations work with us in several ways. Some hire our venues and services thereby helping us generate funds. Others contribute their expertise to our activities. Some even bring their staff to work in our projects or decorate our venues. Some have their staff raise funds for us through their own activities. Some generously donate funds to us. Others give us specialist services and advice that would otherwise cost us a lot, money that would otherwise go into working with our beneficiaries.

If this is the sort of involvement your organization is interested in then please get in touch via the ‘contact us’ page and we’d be happy to have a chat and see what possibilities present themselves.

Patron Scheme

Join Our Patron Scheme

We greatly appreciate the financial support of individuals and businesses. Unrestricted funding is incredibly important as it helps us take care of the boring but essential costs. Just like any other business, we also have to pay our bills and maintain our vehicles and premises.

Our Patron Scheme is designed so that businesses of any size can support us if they choose to. Every little contribution  is of great value to us.

Friend’s of Zac’s

From as little as £10.00 a month you can help us chip away at those necessary bills. If 10 businesses were to become Friend’s of Zac’s this would result in money currently being spent on overheads being redirected towards the frontline services.

Sponsor’s of Zac’s

For just £42.50 a month your contribution can make the world of difference to our young people. Become a sponsor of Zac’s and help cover our volunteer expenses, enabling us to provide a wider range of high quality services.

Patron of Zac’s

A contribution of £62.50 a month will help us provide food for 60 children for 2 weeks. With just two businesses signing up as Patron’s our monthly food bill would be covered.

Patrons of Zac’s Youth Bars


About us…

Established since 1865, Bethell is a leading privately-owned construction and utility services company based in Manchester which provides its clients with solutions in the Civil Engineering and Multi Utility sectors throughout the north of England.

Our history is one of continuing evolution around our core skills and our strength is the diversity of our expertise offered by a directly employed skilled workforce of 200 dedicated staff. We take great pride in providing outstanding quality to our clients through an open and honest approach which has led to the establishment of many long-term relationships. We invite you to explore our website Contact us on 01204 439100 or email


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