Employability & Enterprise

Employability & Enterprise

There are lots of projects for young people to get involved in at Zac’s which will help young people develop their entrepreneurial skills as well as other transferable skills which will help them become more employable.

“Making Money From Music”

This project is all about helping young people discover their musical talents and developing these talents in such a way as to enable them to set up a successful business or enterprise.

“Dj’ing For Money” is one such project where young people can access 1-to-1 mentoring in order to develop their musical talents as well as their understanding and experience of working professionally.

“Saturday Kitchen Cafe”

Every week young people open the doors of Zac’s to the public and run a cafe during the busiest time of the day. Serving a wide range of food suitable for a late breakfast or early lunch, the young people take charge. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to develop practical knowledge of Food Hygiene, gain experience cooking in a professional kitchen, and deliver high quality customer service ‘front of house’.

“T-Shirt Printing”

When Heather and Rob first told Zac’s about their fantastic idea to set up their own business printing ‘fandom’ T-Shirts we thought it was a brilliant idea. After developing their business plan with one of our Youth Workers, Heather and Rob were invited to pitch their idea at the Zac’s Supporters Breakfast to local business owners. The local businesses got behind them and one businesswoman in particular was so impressed, she decided to personally mentor Heather and Rob to help turn their idea into a success.

Like Heather and Rob, other young people can also gain help from Zac’s so they can develop their own businesses skills and generate ¬†income for themselves.