Volunteering at Zac’s

Volunteering at Zac’s does not just benefit us as an organisation, it also benefits the children and young people who use the facilities and services. Which in turn is extended to benefit their families, some of whom are given valuable respite.

We also hope that it not only benefits those who attend our various events but those volunteers who give up their time to provide these services. Many of our volunteers have found their time at Zac’s valuable. Volunteers have told us that it has increased their confidence, introduced them to new people, developed new skills and used their previous talents, improved their employability and given them a sense of achievement and self-worth.

At Zac’s we try to match volunteers’ strengths and preferences with the various roles that need fulfilling within the organisation. We also endeavour to provide any training we see as relevant to the responsibilities of that role.

Volunteer opportunities at Zac’s vary in responsibility, task and time commitment. We welcome volunteers who wish to spend time each week to those who can commit just 2 hours a month, those who wish to work with young people to those who prefer to work behind the scenes or can fit in a bit of fundraising – it all adds up and it all helps.

Applying to be a Volunteer

We are so pleased that you are interested in volunteering at Zac’s and hope that we can make your time with us both rewarding and enjoyable.

Have a read through this information which will help you to make more of an informed decision about the area of the organisation you wish to volunteer. If you are unsure we can discuss this at a later date.

Download our Volunteer Application Form here or email us at getinvovled@zacsyouthbar.co.uk to request a volunteer recruitment pack which can be either emailed or posted out to your home address.

Complete your application form and once we have processed it we will contact you to chat through your preferences further.

In addition to a completed application form we will need to take references; the application form has space for you to provide us with these. Where possible please try not to use friends although we will accept one friend as a character reference if you are struggling to find another. We do not accept family members as referees.

All volunteers must undertake a DBS check to work within The Sycamore Project, even if you are applying to work in the office rather than with the young people. You will be contacted about this once we have received your application.

If you have any further questions regarding your application or any of the sessions or activities, please get in touch.

Volunteering Opportunities with Young People

After School Activities

Weekday evenings see a variety of different sessions which incorporate craft, socialising, learning new skills, games, sports, cooking, fun and workshops. These activities cater for a range of different ages.

Your Role: Ranges from helping with specific crafts and activities, to just getting to know the young people, serving behind the bar or preparing the evening meal.

Where: Several sessions established at our Farnworth Centre and every Tuesday in our Kearsley venue.

Time Commitment: Sessions take place between 3pm and 6pm and usually last 2 hours. Volunteers are asked to come to the whole session as well as assist in setting up and clearing away, this usually means a commitment of between 2.5 and 3 hours. Volunteers may choose to do every week or may prefer to do fortnightly or monthly.

Bar Nights

These are louder, later weekend sessions which attract different young people from week to week as well as many regulars, due to their ‘Drop-in’ format. Often lively with DJ’s and loud music, we aim to provide a credible alternative to the alcohol life-style, adopted by many young people.

Your Role: From working behind the bar, to manning the door or getting to know the young people.

Where: Farnworth

Time Commitment: Friday Evenings. Sessions usually last 3 hours and finish at 10pm, volunteers are asked to assist in clearing away after the session and also invited to pray with the team beforehand if they wish, this usually means a commitment of 4 hours. Volunteers may choose to do every week, fortnightly or monthly.

Detached/Street Work

Central to the work we do as this is often our first point of contact with young people. This work is particularly important in Little Lever as we are developing Zac’s there and don’t yet have a permanent location. People are often wary of volunteering for this, however we have found it to be one of the least threatening and most rewarding sessions we undertake.

Your Role: To meet, chat and develop friendships with young people in the local area.

Where: The streets of Farnworth, Kearsley (including Stoneclough and Prestolee) & Little Lever.

Time Commitment: Various evenings between 4pm and 9pm for between 1 & 3 hours, as and when you are available.

Holiday Activities

Similar to our After School Activities during the school holidays.

Time Commitment: Sessions take place usually between 4pm and 8pm.

Sporting Activities

Football sessions and various other multi-sport / game activities.

Your Role: Playing alongside the young people through to coaching/leading training sessions. Supporting sessions in various other sports particularly throughout the summer programme.

Where: Various / Little Lever High School

Time Commitment: Various Evenings, from 1 hour per week. Football sessions currently run every Friday in Little Lever.

Volunteering Opportunities within the Community

Community Action Activities

Young People actively engage with other members of the community through a variety of social action and fundraising projects.

Your Role: This depends on the activity the young people are undertakings it could be hosting a market stall to bag packing.

Where: Varies

Time Commitment: Varies

In Schools

Our Youth and Schools Worker works in local primary schools undertaking a variety of roles in response to the needs of each school and the children they serve. Work includes one to one support for pupils, group work addressing behaviour and confidence issues, after school and holiday activities as well as joint school projects.

Your Role: Varies

Where: Varies

Time Commitment: Weekdays between 8:30am and 5pm, from 1 hour.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

We also have opportunities working ‘behind the scenes’ which are just as vital to the successful running of the Project. The time commitment for these vary depending on the role. Most are flexible, and commitments can vary.

Fundraising – Organising an event, participating in sponsored ventures, promoting the work of Zac’s, bag packing.

Maintenance – D.I.Y, painting, cleaning windows, servicing and cleaning our vehicles.

Driving – We have a pool of drivers who we can contact if we need you for driving our mini bus and van.

Trustee – Please contact us for further information.


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